Affiliate Members

The Ventura County Coastal Association of REALTORS® encourages you to support our Affiliate Members! Affiliate Members are those who are connected with the real estate industry, and offer services to REALTOR® members, and their clients. Some of the businesses offered through our Affiliates are:

The most current, active Affiliate members in good standing are listed below (as of February 28, 2019):


Roger Smith
The Benefits Store Insurance Services
Tel: 925-478-3405

Carpet Cleaning

Frank Perez
Cleaning Plus
Tel: 805-483-6345

Steve Behrens
OCD Cleaning & More
Tel: 805-701-5826

Commercial Real Estate Services

Michael Walsh 
Daum Commercial Real Estate Services
Tel: 805-987-8866

Bram White 
Daum Commercial Real Estate Services
Tel: 805-987-8866


Kathryn Curry
GenHawk Construction
Tel: 805-651-0896


Carolyn Braun
First American Natural Hazard Disclosures
Tel: 800-527-0027


Tressa Golden
Aliso Escrow, Inc.- Division of Fidelity National Title
Tel: 805-218-3156

Jenifer Henry Hale
Aliso Escrow, Inc.- Division of Fidelity National Title 
Tel: 805-650-7887

Donna Leighty
Aliso Escrow, Inc.- Division of Fidelity National Title 
Tel: 805-620-3059

Ruth Price
The Escrow Place, Inc
Tel: 805-504-2800

Estate Sales

Rhonda Williams 
Grasons of Ventura County
Tel: 805-825-6633


Jeff Moorhouse
Moorhouse Financial Services Inc
Tel: 805-452-3506

Roy Sherman
Sherman Asset Management
Tel: 805-324-8851


Danny Guerrido
CUTCO Closing Gifts 
Tel: 949-678-3439

Home Loans

Rosario Lawrence 
Caliber Home Loans
Tel: 805-910-9154

Home Warranty

Vanessa Rice
Fidelity National Hm Warranty
Tel: 805-377-7409

Tamara Rossie-Molina
First American Home Warranty
Tel: 800-698-0422

Jessica Wood
Old Republic Home Protection
Tel: 805-501-6494


Kevin Allen
AirWorks Solutions, Inc
Tel: 805-754-6468


Mike Hasty
805 Home Inspections
Tel: 805-415-7531

Derek Rogers
Avalon Inspection Service 
Tel: 805-402-2041

John Fleener
JDA Home Inspection
Tel: 805-419-0043

Gary Schwarz
Soft Landings Home Inspection
Tel: 805-807-7334


Vince Cedre
Farmers Insurance District Office
Tel: 805-485-6400

John Kimble 
Farmers Insurance 
Tel: 808-779-5958

Bill Scanlan 
Farmers Insurance 
Tel: 805-484-1070

Daniel Svikhart
Farmers Insurance Svikhart Agency
Tel: 805-535-9261

James Nicoll
Nicoll insurance & Financial
Tel: 805-402-0700

Salena Bracamontes
State Farm Salena Bracamontes
Tel: 805-479-8205


Barton Stern 
Ventura Investment Co. 
Tel: 805-484-0477

Mail Center

Heather Gobson 
The Mail Center 
Tel: 805-813-9644


Pedro Chavez
Bank of America 
Tel: 805-813-3670

Chris Wetherby
Bluestar Funding Corp
Tel: 805-979-9036

David Rubin
Capital Mortgage Services
Tel: 818-523-6038

Trinka Reynolds
Customer Service Mortgage Corporation
Tel: 805-432-8830

Brian Sipes
Customer Service Mortgage Corporation
Tel: 805-551-1510

Kim Lovetro
Dignified Home Loans
Tel: 805-890-0792

Roy Torrence
Dignified Home Loans
Tel: 805-890-0792

Isabel A. Mislinay
Edge Home Finance
Tel: 805-233-2994

Holly St. Germain
Freedom Mortgage 
Tel: 805-394-2437

Kathy Gray
Guild Mortgage Company
Tel: 805-701-7467

Linda Hall
Guild Mortgage Company
Tel: 805-208-8951

Juliann Laufer
Guild Mortgage Company
Tel: 805-250-0549

Karla Mara
Guild Mortgage Company 
Tel: 310-770-8704

Maurice Leveille
HMS Capital
Tel: 805-432-6909

Cristina Zepeda
HMS Capital
Tel: 805-657-2968

Cathy Clermont
Tel: 805-390-5817

Elsy De La O 
KPM Mortgage 
Tel: 760-662-9535

Paul Minnick 
KPM Mortgage 
Tel: 213-605-1844

Dan O'Brien
Landmark Financial
Tel: 805-650-4999

Mary Garcia
Loan Depot
Tel: 805-443-5653

Luis Mendez II
Loan Depot
Tel: 805-824-7084

Christine Gonzales
Montecito Bank & Trust
Tel: 805-979-4471

Manuel Ayala 
Movement Mortgage, LLC
Tel: 805-302-5160

Patricia Prieto
Paramount Residential Mortgage Group Inc.
Tel: 805-766-0680

Monica Cruz 
Prime Equity Mortgage
Tel: 805-890-9938

Barry Judis
Redwood Mortgage
Tel: 818-877-6270

Larry Reyes 
Smart Home Mortgage
Tel: 805-415-7631

Linda Tabata
Ventura County Credit Union
Tel: 8805-794-8139

Darlene Gregory
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage
Tel: 805-861-4784

Jim Brettl
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage
Tel: 805-861-0365

Bob Davis
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage
Tel: 805-658-7435

Darryl Geewax
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage
Tel: 805-427-1029

Domonique Gray
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage
Tel: 805-832-2950

Susan Hedrick
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage
Tel: 805-639-2305

Glenyse Milbourn
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage
Tel: 805-390-8267

Debbie Wertenberger
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage
Tel: 805-402-7918

Teena Broumand
West Coast Funding & R.E. Srvc
Tel: 805-455-2719


Taz San Lucas
Affordable Quality Moving & Storage
Tel: 661-816-8341

Pest Service

Pat O'Dell 
BPC Structural Pest Control
Tel: 805-650-6828

Israel Alvarez
Insight Pest Management
Tel: 805-628-2881


Suzanne Rubin 
Felice, LLC 
Tel: 415-271-6967

Ivonne Hive
Pristine Portrait
Tel: 805-616-7097

Sergii Dolgyi
Tel: 805-404-3872

Mark Corcoran
Upmarket Photo
Tel: 805-804-7789

Project Development Planning

Patricia Younis
The Bridge Group
Tel: 805-263-6455

Property Management

Jeffrey Becker 
The Becker Group
Tel: 805-640-9820

Sheldon Chavin 
Community Property Management
Tel: 805-987-8945

Keith Macleod 
Sierra Property Management
Tel: 805-340-1953


Scott Cater
Homes & Land of West Ventura County
Tel: 805-794-9915

Reverse Mortgage

Carlos A. Camargo
Open Mortgage, LLC
Tel: 818-324-3802

Shelley Wells
Retirement Funding Solutions
Tel: 805-377-9000

Real Estate Services

Janette Ashmore 
Paragon Real Estate Services, Inc. 
Tel: 805-389-0288 

Senior Living

Marianne Houghteling
Oakmont of Camarillo 
Tel: 805-358-1544

Tax Seminars

Robin Smith
Bradford Tax Seminars 
Tel: 415-999-0248


Ben Kohn
From Sinks to Sewers
Tel: 805-758-5901


Vanessa Martinez
Chicago Title
Tel: 805-656-1300

Diana Rice
Chicago Title
Tel: 805-340-4010

Angie Valencia
Chicago Title
Tel: 805-901-2422

Brenda Staton
Consumer's Title of Southern California
Tel: 805-367-6021

Lisa Anglin
Fidelity National Title
Tel: 805-218-3636

Tania Brantley
Fidelity National Title
Tel: 805-279-5376

RJ Cutting
Fidelity National Title
Tel: 805-279-9579

Ron Golden 
Fidelity National Title 
Tel: 805-443-7332

Michael Padilla
Fidelity National Title
Tel: 805-340-9037

Joe Siddens
Fidelity National Title
Tel: 805-218-4515

Yolanda Carr
First American Title Co
Tel: 805-415-2936

Steve Logan
Fidelity National Title
Tel: 805-642-6984

Kathy Ramirez
First American Title Co
Tel: 805-490-0087

Court Wiliams
First American Title Co
Tel: 805-340-4165

Charlene F. Williams Esq
First American Title Co
Tel: 805-340-7863

Tanner A. Behrens
Lawyers Title
Tel: 805-218-7044

Veronica Johnson
Lawyers Title
Tel: 805-207-4315

Tom Piszcek
Lawyers Title
Tel: 805-302-8667

Curtis Murrieta 
North American Title Co.
Tel: 818-240-4912

Greg Knowles 
North American Title Co. 
Tel: 805-259-6435

Dave Wheeler
North American Title Co.
Tel: 805-208-8517

Cibeli Tregembo
Pacific Coast Title Co
Tel: 805-304-0460

Patty Estrada
Priority Title Company
Tel: 805-276-8415

Max Galindo 
Priority Title Company 
Tel: 805-389-5484

Michele Mueller
Priority Title Company
Tel: 805-797-3988

Cindy Castro
Stewart Title
Tel: 805-275-9240

Dee Day
Stewart Title
Tel: 805-256-3252

Robert Coronado
Times Title, A California Corp
Tel: 805-477-8333

Alexis Mumford 
Times Title, A California Corp 
Tel: 805-814-8763

Vacation Rentals

Brian Murray 
Turnkey Vacation Rentals
Tel: 805-465-7008