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Thank you to the following 2019 REALTOR® Action Fund (RAF) Contributors for their outstanding commitment and contribution. YES! I want to contribute to RAF

2019 Major Investors Sterling R
Voluntary Contribution of $1,000—$2,499.

voluntary contributor

Wyndi Austin

voluntary contributorJeff Comstock

voluntary contributorCindy Diaz-Telly

voluntary contributor

Lyle Elliott

voluntary contributorJuliet Esquibias

voluntary contributor

Jim Keith

voluntary contributor

Marta Golding Brown

2018 Silver Bear
Voluntary Contribution of $449.

voluntary contributor

Matt Capritto

voluntary contributor

Mark Chacon

voluntary contributor

Janet Dorsey

voluntary contributor

Sher Heard

2019 The True Cost of Doing Business
Voluntary Contribution of $148+.

Robert Angstadt
Derek Berthold

Tim Comstock
Patricia Costello

Ellyn Dembowski
Ana Gil

Ariel Palmieri
Carolyn Triebold

Additional Resources

VOTE: Register to Vote and vote on election day

Exercising your right to vote is critical to ensuring that your interests are represented in your city council, Sacramento and Washington. Please make exercising that right a priority!

Register to Vote!

ACT: Respond to C.A.R.'s RED ALERTS and NAR's Calls-For Action

Red Alerts are one of the most critical components for REALTOR® success. Red Alerts notify REALTORS® when there is critical legislation passing through the State Legislature that will directly affect how REALTORS® do business in California. Red Alerts encourage you to take action by asking your legislators to stand with REALTORS® on important issues. Responding to Red Alerts is easy and can be done with a couple of clicks or a simple phone call. Sign up to receive RED ALERTS.

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CONTRIBUTE: Support the REALTOR® Action Fund!

The REALTOR® ACTION FUND (RAF) raises money to advance the goals of the REALTOR® Party; it promotes the advocacy of your rights and values as a REALTOR®. Every dollar of this fund is used to protect REALTORS® interests in government. Your contribution to RAF is not a donation, it is an investment in your business.

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