New Member FAQ

New Member FAQ

New to the business or thinking about becoming a real estate agent? Then you most likely have a few questions. Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we receive. If you don't find the answers you're looking for here, please don't hesitate to contact Barbara Amick in Member Services Department  at 805-981-2100 x102. 

How do I get a real estate license?

The first step in getting a real estate license is to contact the Bureau of Real Estate 

If I just passed the real estate test, can I join the Association?

Yes, you can join Ventura County Coastal Association if you are currently sponsored by a Broker.

How much are dues?

The dues you pay are based on your level of membership with our Association (Designated REALTOR®, Non-Designated REALTOR®, or Affiliate). The current fees are posted on our site. 

When are the annual dues due?

Yearly membership renewals are due in January and June of each year. 

What is a LFRO office? 

A Limited Function Referral Office (LFRO) is a separate entity that sponsors real estate licensees or appraisers whose sole function is to refer prospective clients to a particular broker.

When is new member orientation?

New member orientation is usually the 4th Tuesday of the month. However, we encourage you to contact the Member Services Department at (805)981-2100 x102  to confirm for the specific month in question.

How do I get a keycard/or keybox?

When you join Ventura County Multiple Listing Service you have the opportunity to lease a Supra ActiveKEY. Please note that your keycard lease with Supra is renewable on June of each year. In addition to the keycard, you can also purchase Supra iboxes in the Ventura County Coastal REALTOR® Store. You can also have this service in your Iphone, Blackberry or Android.

How do I get ZipForm?

To have access to ZipForm, you must be a member of Ventura County Coastal Association of REALTORS®.



Thank you for your interest in joining Ventura County Coastal Association of REALTORS. Whether you're a REALTOR® or an Affiliate, we're glad to welcome you to our Association. Below are definitions of our various member types, as well as links to our membership applications. Should you have questions or need assistance completing your application, please don't hesitate to contact our Member Services Department at (805)981-2100 Extension 102.

Designated REALTOR®

A licensed Broker who is the responsible member for at least one office. A Designated REALTOR® is a member of the National Association of REALTORS® and adheres to a strict Code of Ethics.

Non-Designated REALTOR®

A licensed Salesperson who is sponsored by a Designated REALTOR®. A Non-Designated REALTOR® Member is a licensed real estate professional who is a member of the Natinoal Association of REALTORS® and adheres to a strict Code of Ethics. 

VCCAR uses the same application form for Brokers and Salespersons.

Realtor Application

Affiliate and Associate Affiliate

Affiliates are real estate owners and other individuals of firms who, while not engaged in the real estate profession, have interests requiring information concerning real estate, and are in sympathy with the objectives of the Association.

Associate Affiliates are employees of, or associated with, Affiliate members and are employed by or associated with the same firm as the Affiliate member. The Affiliate member must be in good standing with the Association in order for an Associate Affiliate member to apply for and maintain membership.

Events and Classes

This section offers information about courses available from VCCAR and others including:

 BRE accredited continuing education 

  • C.A.R. ZipForms training (when available) 
  • flexmls
  • Designations (GRI, GREEN, e-Pro, ABR, and SRES)

VCCAR Cancellation and Class Attendance Policy

 A full refund will be given if cancelling at least 48 hours prior to the class start (unless otherwise specified: i.e. designations and certifications). You must arrive prior to the class start time, and attend while class is in session. Those who fail to arrive on time or attend will forfeit the class fee and will not receive BRE credit. Transferring of funds from one class to another is not allowed. No exceptions will be made regarding this policy.



Current cost as of 11/1/2017

for renewal all our billing is sent thru email

VCCAR Association

Initiation (Association) $100.00 agent  Initiation $150.00 broker

Local Allocation November thru December 31, 2017 $25.00

California Association of REALTORS November thru December 2017 $30.67

National Association of REALTORS  November thru December 2017 $55.00

CAR set up fee $30.00 

Total for Agent $240.67 Broker $290.67

Multiple Listing Service Fees 

Initiation (MLS) $100.00 agent  Initiation $350.00 broker

November 2017 thru June  2018 $317.25

 Total for Agent $657.92 Broker $957.92

We take Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express for payment.

Please, call for the current fees on the key, we schedule key appointments Monday thru Friday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. We lease active keys or you can have service in your I phone, Android or Blackberry on a monthly basics.

You can fax your application to 805-981-2107 or email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Code of Ethics Training

CODE OF ETHICS DEADLINE: Between January 1, 2017, and December 31, 2018, REALTORS® are required to complete biennial ethics training of no less than 2 ½ hours of instructional time.
Existing Members
NAR offers a FREE online course for existing members. The course typically takes 2.5 hours to complete. Register here
If you completed the course online via NAR, you will receive a certificate of completion once you finalize and pass the class. Nothing additional is required by the member – NAR will automatically log and account for your completion and will send VCCAR notification that you have met the requirement.
New Members
As a requirement of membership, you have 60 days to complete New Member Orientation and Code of Ethics class.
Upon completion, this fulfills the NAR Code of Ethics requirement for the current period. Staff will document your record accordingly with NAR reflecting you have met the requirement.
Very important - please note: If you take a Code of Ethics course from anyone other than VCCAR or NAR, you MUST send us a copy of your certificate of completion. This will allow us to notate your records accordingly.  I hope this helps you navigate through this process, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact our office for more information.